Making your own Module 

If after sampling the various modules available, you have an idea for making your own unique module then you can actually design one with the wonderful Module designer which has been provided by the very clever Rune S. Johansen. He is the guy that made the Sick Angel module. Although this module may not be as colourful as some of the others it is probably the best one to actually play. His module also comes with a story which makes for interesting reading.

You can read about it at  

Making a graphics module is harder than making your own jetpack levels but I've created a batch file along with some detailed instructions to help your editing experience easier. Everything you need to make your module is included in the zip file available at my downloads section.  It's approx 1Mb in size as it now includes the Jetpack game so that you don't have to have your existing Jetpack game filled with otherwise uneeded extra files. Make sure you read the readme.txt file that comes with the zip file before starting. 



If you've never heard of or tried DosBox then you might be wondering what it is. Its a front running program that you can play your Dos games in. The advantages of using it is that games that either previously didn't work or ran too slow or fast can often work better under DosBox. It comes with a host of features ranging from being able to speed up/slow down the play (during play even) with hot keys [F11-F12], choosing FULL screen or windowed [ALT ENTER], taking screenshots during play [Ctrl F5], editing keys so you can choose your favourite keys for gameplay [Ctrl F1] and of course games where the soundblaster doesn't work under windows will often return under DosBox.

If you've had trouble running Jetpack under windows and loaded Dosbox only to find its just too hard to configure and are interested in getting a hold of my batch file and the [Gaze] menu I use with it post a comment and I'll send it to you.  Its an easy way to use DosBox while you become familiar with how it works.  You can get it at the following web address.

 Gaze Menu 

Of course the easiest way to run your DosBox is by having it load up into a menu system so that you don't have to use dos commands just to get your game up and running. This was my biggest bugbear when it came to running DosBox. To solve this problem I decided to create a batch file that would take the hard yakka out of using DosBox. But I needed an easy to use menu system that didn't remain in memory after a game was loaded. After sourcing countless menu systems I eventually settled on Gaze. It is small and mouse friendly and when you're adding a new menu item it only shows you executable files one of which will run the game. Makes it really easy for beginners to understand and use it. It has on board help as well. The problem is its hard to find on the net these days. Doing a search doesn't help either so I've decided I'll send it to anyone who requests it as its Shareware and is free to distribute. I've also added my DosBox batch file for you to use or modify as it can take some time to figure out how to make the 2 programs work together properly.

To use my DosBox batch file called DOSMENU.bat it needs to be in the DosBox folder. When you install DosBox take a note of where it is being installed to, its default location is usually C:\Program Files\DosBox??  [the ?? will be the version number]. Then copy or move the DOSMENU.bat into the DosBox folder so it will work properly. After that all you need to do is create a shortcut on your desktop pointing to the DosMenu.bat in dosBox, click on the shortcut and have fun exploring your new Gaze Menu.

NB:  I'd suggest you initially install the Gaze menu into the default location it is set to go to and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included in the download.  The reason for this is that DosBox 'mounts' a drive and folder within a drive and calls it 'C' drive. After that it will only find folders and files within that mounted 'drive'.  Once you have seen how it works its a fairly simple matter to make any alterations to the batch file if you wish to have your Dos Games located elsewhere. I have also included a screenshot of Gaze to give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to use it.

Your killing my files!

The most common problem that seems to occur is when people try to install all the new folders and files into their jetpack folder only to be told that some of their existing files are about to be overwritten. BIG worry. Well, if you're installing the modules package this will be happening because you already have some modules in your jetpack folder. If you've never downloaded and copied module files into your folder then the ones about to be overwritten will be the REGULAR - CHRISTMAS and JUNIOR Jetpack files. Don't worry! Let the new files overwrite these files as you will not lose them. When you run the jet.bat for the first time and go into the modules section you will find those 3 modules are still there along with a further 12 new ones.

NB:  In order to get all 15 modules you must let the old modules be overwritten as they are in a different location under the new list. EG: Regular Jetpack has been moved from A to R, so if you don't overwrite the old file then you will wind up with 2 regular jetpack modules at A & R. If on the other hand you already have some of your own modules in there, then it would be advisable to move them into a safe place before continuing with your instalation.

 Where are my old levels?

The 2nd most common problem occurs because you will have had an existing LEVELS folder in your Jetpack game that had all your precious jetpack levels in. You run my batch file and discover all those levels you created have disapeared to who knows where. Well, I KNOW where! The batch file will have renamed your LEVELS folder to TEST in order to allow it to be accessable from the new menu system. The TEST folder has been designed especially for this purpose.

 My LEVELS folder is gone

If you are in the habit of loading 'other' levels from outside sources and putting them in a new LEVELS folder, you will need to change your ways and instead put them in the TEST folder. The batch file 'expects' there to be NO levels folder when it loads. If it finds one it will then do a search to make sure all the other existing  folders are there. It they are then it will rename the levels folder to Author1. If Author1 exists then it renames the levels folder to Author2. If Author2 also exists then it becomes Author3. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to load any new levels you wish to test in the TEST folder instead. That way you will avoid any conflicts with the jet.bat.

 Gaze can't find my games 

Have you put your games into the DosGames folder? Remember I said that DosBox mounts a drive? Well my batch file has mounted the DosGames folder as that drive. You MUST have your games in the DosGames folder for DosBox and Gaze to find them. Once you have studied how it works and understand it you can change the DosMenu.bat in DosBox to point to another location and/or drive and then move or rename the existing DosGames folder to whatever you have changed it to.

 I have a different problem

If your problem hasn't been listed here or you are having any problems installing or running anything, or perhaps have  a comment about my levels or menu system, post a comment and I'll get back to you.