Some of the levels on this page may appear to be unsolvable at first glance. The thing you won't be aware of however is that I pre-edited the levels before taking the screenshots and replaced all the see-thru bricks with solid ones in order to show how it would look if you were playing the level. All the levels I supply to anyone who requests them have been left un-edited and are in fact all solvable, including the ones on display here.
To the right is a sample of the levels I had created for Jetpack. I've tried to make interesting levels that more often than not make you think about how to solve them. There are a few that require speed and dexterity but still usually have at least one catch that you'll need to figure out to solve the level. I've grouped them into batches of 20 per section as I reckon its more fun having groups of levels rather than just one big lot all piled in together. At the beginning of each section is a 'marker' level telling you which ones you are about to do next. The first 20 levels are really for beginners to hone their skills before adventuring on to the main section. Don't get me wrong, the beginners levels still require skill and are designed to become harder the further you go. Even now I still struggle to get thru some of the beginners levels, mainly thru lack of attention tho. Each section of 20 levels is listed in alphabetical order to give you an idea of how far you have progressed thru it.

I originally had my levels divided into categories of difficulty but found I had made too many levels almost impossible to solve so decided to modify all of them so that enjoyment of play became the order of the day rather than the frustration of having to have near perfect playing skills just to get through a level. The total number of levels available now has been reduced to just over 300.

As you progress you'll find some are easier than others. It doesn't always follow that the ones towards the end of a series are harder than the ones at the beginning.  I've concentrated on making the levels interesting to play rather than making them really hard. There are levels that are difficult though and to help you in your quest I've included extra lives in the more difficult levels that for the most part are relatively easy to get to so that you won't have to continually exit and restore your saved game just to progress to the next level.

Anyway, its been fun creating the levels as well as the modules and like most people I enjoy having others try out my handywork so don't be backward in coming forward and requesting any of them. Jetpack may not have the graphics like my xbox and I must confess I go thru phases where I ignore Jetpack for months on end and then suddenly get the urge to play them again. The latest impetus for my re-visisting Jetpack was an email from geocities telling me they are closing soon. Since my original Jetpack site has a re-direct via geocities from the adept software site I thought about updating my bravehost site and discovered they have introduced a new website called viviti. Naturally I wanted to try it out and its so much easier to use than bravehost was that I decided to create a new site here instead. Its still in its trial period so I'll have to wait and see how it looks when the ads are inserted into it after the trial period ends. I'll update again in mid August.