The gripping Tales!

 It has come to Dracula's attention that a mentally ill 'sick' angel has been banished from heaven to wander through hell searching for pills to cure his illness. More importantly he has discovered that other angels have scattered golden halos throughout hell for the sick angel to use which allow him to fly, making his quest easier.

But Dracula has other ideas. He wants to increase his stores of gold by collecting those halos for himself. He knows the secret to his success is to prevent the angel from becoming cured by gathering up all the easy to get at pills he comes across before the angel can find them. This way the other angels will keep scattering more golden halos in hell for him to collect.

Knowing he could never get through hell unaided, Dracula has formed an alliance with a powerful wizard. Although the wizard is unable to enter hell himself he has managed to conjure up some powerful spells that will help Dracula in his journey through the caverns.
He knows the demons in hell drain the blood from the new arrivals and store it in jars. But they keep it locked away in a hidden dungeon that is constantly guarded by an immortal goldonian that even the wizard has no way to overcome. The wizard has assured Dracula that although he would be instantly killed by the goldonian if he even got near it, he is safe as long as he remains in the caverns. The goldonian is securly locked in the dungeon as it would absorb any gold it came near, including the coveted sacred golden chalice. Without this special blood he is unable to fly in hell. Without the wizards powerful magic he would have no way of obtaining any of this special blood to aid him in his quest.

The wizard has told Dracula that long ago a sacred golden chalice was stolen from the earth and taken to hell where it was hidden away in a hard to reach area in one of the caverns. He said that other identical golden chalice's were formed from all the gold that could be found in hell and scattered amongst the caverns in an attempt to prevent the real sacred chalice from being easily found. He told Dracula that if he found the sacred chalice, the magic chest would instantly open and return Dracula back to the surface. This chalice holds the power of life itself, so Dracula should try to get every chalice he comes across just in case its the sacred one.  Dracula agrees, mainly because he thinks a golden chalice is still gold and that's what he's after.

Rumour has it that scattered throughout hell there are other treasures to be found, like the almost invisible spring of sustenance where Dracula will be able to drink his fill giving him back his ability to fly through his quest. Then there is the life giving 'living' heart. It is so powerful that Dracula will gain an extra life the moment he touches it.

But why would such a powerful creature like Dracula need an extra life? Because the creatures in hell are indestructable while they remain in their own domain, whereas Dracula's special talents all but disappear once he crosses the threshold into hell. He can be 'killed' simply by coming into contact with any of them. He is powerless against them. He must use his wits to avoid being touched by them. Once touched by a creature, Dracula 'dies' and must rely on the wizard to re-incarnate him to continue his journey. The wizard can only do this if Dracula has gained some extra lives while in hell. During re-incarnation Dracula 'loses' everything he had collected in the cavern he 'died' in and must do it over.

The wizard has managed to get 6 spells to work in hell.

With his first spell he was able to snatch a limited number of jars of blood that the demons had stored and scatter them throughout the caverns for Dracula to find. To keep them safe for Dracula he cast an invisibilty spell on these jars so that only Dracula would be able to see them.

With his second spell he created stun grenades that Dracula can use to freeze all creaturess for a limited time. Again he was able to make them invisible to all but Dracula.

The third spell he created was a shield for Dracula that would make him invulnerable for a short time against all monsters and traps. Sadly all the shields he placed could not maintain themselves and have since disappeared. However the wizard has been able to conjure it up again so that it will appear sometimes in a random place for Dracula to use if he can get to it in time.
The wizard hasn't left it at that though. He has also found a way to snatch half filled jars of blood directly from the devils production line and hover them in whichever current level Dracula is in for a short time in the hope that Dracula can reach it before it disappears back to the production line again.

He has also found a way to 'send' through new stun grenades, which also appear and then disappear after a short time. These new stun grenades are larger than the ones he sent through originally. Dracula prefers this as he can readily see which grenades he must make haste to collect and which ones he can use at the most opportune time for his purposes.

With his forth spell he gave Dracula the power of lightning. This is a very powerful spell indeed. With it Dracula is able to 'burn' through some of the walls in hell to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas. While not all walls are affected by the lightning, one is particulary vulnerable and once zapped will not return again.

With his fifth spell he was able to drain some life force from the pills and golden objects Dracula collects. Once Dracula has collected enough life force the wizard is able to re-incarnate Dracula an extra time if needed.  To encourage Dracula to gather up more chalice's, the wizard has told Dracula that he is able to drain the most life force from them.

The wizard used his sixth spell to transport Dracula into hell with a large magical treasure chest that instantly stores any gold or pills Dracula touches. The wizard told Dracula that the magic chest would also transport him to another new cavern whenever he returns to it. What the wizard didn't tell Dracula however is that as he was more interested in getting the angels pills than any gold, he put a spell on the chest so that it wouldn't open for transport until every single pill in each cavern has been collected. Dracula now realises he must clear every cavern in hell of angel pills before the wizard's magic chest will transport Dracula back home. Moreover, he has also discovered that any special blood he has collected doesn't get transported with him when he enters into a new cavern.
Now hell is a strange place. They say no two people see it the same way. For some it's a bleak place of foreboding all dark and despairing. For others it can be very colourful and vibrant. So if you are thinking Dracula and the sick angel should be seeing hell in the same way, then you are sadly mistaken. They come from vastly different places and their expectations will be different. Even mundane things like the transporters the devils and other creatures use as shortcuts, may look different to Dracula than it did to others that went before him. In fact, don't be surprised if some of the creatures themselves 'look' differently to Dracula than they did to the sick angel.

There is a land where a mythical dragon lives. A mysterious land where danger lurks everywhere.  Knights on horseback seek the dragon and pursue him relentlessly throughout the land. They have laid traps for the dragon in hopes of capturing him. All the dragon wants is to be left alone to frollick in his homeland and spend his days collecting the colourful manor which abounds in the land. Being a mythical creature he has learnt some tricks of his own to help him thwart the evil knights plans to capture him. He has hidden the entrance to his nomadic cave so that it will only appear when he is ready to move on to a new location in the land.  sadly for the dragon he has become rather overweight and thus finds it difficult to fly as easily as he did in his prime. But thankfully for him he has found that some of the manor in the kingdom gives him enough energy to fly for a while. There is also a high energy wing portal that envigours him with flying energy that he can make use of. There is however one form of manor that is deadly to him and he must avoid it at all costs. This is evil manor that will seek him out and pursue him wherever he goes. As well as the knights and their traps the dragon also has other natural enemies that that he must avoid, like the flying cretal, a red winged beast that is fast and virtually unstoppable, although rather dull and predicable in its flight pattern and can usually be avoided without too much drama. Being a dragon his main defence is his ability to breath fire. Its a shame the knights are prepared for this and are wearing armor which renders his flames harmless to them. HE can however use his fire to burn through some areas of the land in order to help his passage through it. Being a magical kingdom however means that most of the areas he burns through will recover quite quickly so he needs to be aware of the time restrictions this creates. The barrels that the ale loving knights have left lying around however don't possess magical qualities and will quickly burn to ashes and not return once the dragon has set fire to them. 

Harry like s nothing better than zooming around tormenting the folk of Sleepy Hollow. But the gentle folk are not so gentle and have set about making traps to bring Hot-Rod Harry to heal. They have made sparkies that move slowly around zapping anything electrical they come across. There are also mechanics running around trying to catch Harry and render his Hot Rod useless. There are other traps as well which Hot Rod Harry will have to watch out for in order to wind his way thru every nook and cranny of Sleepy Hollow.


Jill is a girl stuck in a jungle unlike any shes been in before. Full of strange deadly creatures that she must avoid at all costs if she is to survive in this strange place. Jill has a weapon though. Her trusty knife. Although useless against the jungle creatures, she is able to use it to dig through some of the softer areas of land and even some of the tough old tree branches that have been 'arranged' about the place for the creatures to make use of. Her knife is also effective on the strange 'green' barriers that crop up sometimes. But she needs to be quick if she wants to get through them, as they close up very quickly again. There are also clusters of multi coloured fungi strewn about this jungle which readily burst under the pressure of Jills knife. But she needs to be careful. Sometimes these fungi act as the only path into an otherwise unobtainable area and it is easy to accidently burst one or more of them when trying to create a path through heavy clusters of them.

Its not all gloom and doom though. There are also things in the jungle that can be helpful to Jill. For instance there are often various fruits lying about that Jill can eat to build up her immunity to the jungle creatures. Once she's eaten enough, she will have the ability to completely recover should one of them come in contact with her.

There is a doorway in each jungle scene that Jill must open and then enter to progress to the next area of jungle. To get the door open she must collect every blue gem in the area of jungle she is currently occupying. Sometimes there are many gems. Sometimes only a few or even none.

To help Jill get to some of these gems there are often items available for Jill to use. Transporters of different shapes and colours that she can travel through can come in handy. But be aware that most of the creatures are able to use these transporters as well. Vines that Jill can climb up or down to get to areas or to escape some of the creatures. Only the frog can climb the vines to get at Jill.

There are giant carvings hewn from coloured rocks and walkways made from toughened vines twisted together which can be activated by switches which are mounted under floors or cleverly designed as mini carvings. Creatures as well as Jill will actuate the floor switches simply by passing over them, but the mini carvings  can only be operated by Jill. Its possible to sometimes trap creatures within the vines and carvings if she can time her activation just right.

  Diving for pearls is never an easy task, especially when you're diving in the lost city of Atlantis that is so deep that you have to wear a heavy protective pressure diving suit that makes swimming impossible. Our pearl diver has to rely on his underwater jetpack to get to the higher areas in this strange place. Those Atlantians sure had some weird devices in their strangely designed cities. It appears most of the city is in ruins but some areas still appear quite solid. Our pearl diver has discovered there are strange caverns that allow him to transport from one place to another. Even though the city is in virtual ruins these ancient teleporters are still being powered in some way. Had it not been for the recent invention of his subs own medi-vac unit which transports him in similar fashion, it is doubtful the pearl diver would have been game to use these Atlantean teleporters. There are also switches located in different areas that still work too. Handy for getting to otherwise impossible to get at areas. The clams seem to have taken up residence all over the city which sometimes makes collecting their precious cargo a difficult task, especially when they have taken up lodging in tight crevices that are way out of our divers reach without the aid of his jetpack.

The only way into Atlantis was via a tiny crevice that was only big enough for our divers mini sub. Its equipped with all he needs to survive down here for a long time. Space on the sub was limited which meant he couldn't take all his needs with him on the journey. As his jetpack fuel came in virtually indestructible containers it made more sense to leave it behind and leave it up to his companions to find a way to get the fuel to him instead. His companions above were able to drop down spare tanks of fuel through the crevice for him to collect throughout his journey. The problem is they hadn't counted on the rough currents on the way through the crevice and these spare fuel tanks have been scattered throughout Atlantis and are not always readily available in some areas. The pearl diver must make the most of whatever fuel he can find.

Thankfully the diver has discovered that there also appears to be areas where the Atlantians installed special fuel cells that are compatible with our divers own jetpack. The supply tanks are huge which allows our diver to return numerous times to refill his own tanks. It appears though that many of these fuel cells appear to have been installed in areas where there are an abundance of kelp and seaweed which uses massive amounts of fuel if the diver tries to manouver his way through them.

Our pearl diver is equipped with a special newly designed breathing apparatus that draws oxygen from the surrounding seas, but it has a catch, he has to remain within sight of his mini sub as his extractor is remotely powered from it. His sub is programmed to locate all pearls within sonar and report their location to our diver so can collect them. Once every pearl has been collected the sub's sonar tells it the diver is ready to move on to the next designated location and prepares itself for launch. At this point the diver must make his way back to the sub as using his medi-vac unit is far too costly to use except in dire medical emergencies only.

This life saving medi-vac unit is a recent addition to the mini sub. A device that had it not been invented, would have made going to Atlantis all but impossible for our Pearl diver. It's a medivac unit. This unit constantly monitors the divers vital functions and is able to retrieve him in the event that a near fatal accident befalls him. But it comes at a cost. It takes huge amounts of energy to bring the diver back to the sub and will only be used in the event the divers life is in grave peril only. To minimise the time it would take to retrieve the diver, the unit had to be pre-programmed to bring back only the diver and the gear he went out in. Sadly, that meant that everything he had collected in that section would be left behind. Once the diver has recovered his strength he will be able to go back and collect all the pearls once more before returning once again to the mini sub. Unfortunately, by the time he has recovered, Neptune's guardians will have found the pearls and returned them to the clams once again for safekeeping.

There are other things the diver can collect. There are plants that help to heal deadly wounds. He needs to collect as many of these as he can, as there really is a limited supply of life saving drugs aboard his mini-sub. If he runs out of life saving medi-aid he will not be able to heal from his wounds and will die. Some plants are more powerful than others, our diver should familiarise himself with the different plants available in order to maximise his haul. All the creatures in Atlantis seem to have powerful venom and our pearl diver should avoid coming into contact with any of them as well as any additional auto sentinels that can be found throughout Atlantis.

Some areas in Atlantis can be burnt through by the diver. The easiest of all are what appears to be large blocks of ice covered in sea moss to prevent the guardians slipping on it. The diver can easily melt this ice with his phaser. There are also blocks that appear to be doorways that can be activated by his phaser which will allow him to get through. He needs to act quickly as the opening slams shut very quickly. There are seaweed covered blocks that will part when the phaser is applied, but will return again after a short time. Some of the corals also react to the phaser and under repeated pressure will part for the diver. This coral takes longer to return as the stunning motion of the phaser delays its albility to return to normal again.

Techno dog was created by the boy genius Willy who just wanted to have a companion to love and who would love him in return. One day an evil scientist kidnapped Techno dog in order to gain the 'secrets' involved in creating him. He was taken to an underground lab hidden in a labyrinth of tunnels and fiendish rooms designed to stop any attempt to rescue him.

But all is not lost for Techno dog. He has been fitted with a special homing device that is tuned into his 'doghouse' which as it happens is also a transporter designed to deliver him back home again. The transporter doghouse had no trouble locating Techno dog which allowed him to escape the fiendish grasp of the evil scientist. Unfortunately, the evil scientist has invented transporters of his own to aid him and his assorted robot creations easier access thru-out the caverns. These transporters have scrambled the doghouses homing device and is making his transporter machine appear in random locations thru-out the labyrinth.

Techno dog has no choice but to continue navigating his way through each cavern until his doghouse eventually returns him back to his beloved master. There are things he can use to help him in his quest. Although Techno dog is partly robotic, he is also partly organic in some ways. To this end he needs to eat and drink. Thankfully the inventor had the forethought to create a transporter that would provide all of Techno Dogs eating and drinking requirements thru-out his journey. Unfortunately, the evil scientist's transporter's have done more than just throw off the homing device. They have also somehow become integrated with the food replicator machines and caused them to deposit all of the food and drink outside the transporter and into the caverns. Now the inventor had designed his transporter in such a way that it would not transport Techno Dog while there was still fresh meat left to be eaten. Normally not a problem for Techno Dog as he loves the drumsticks and will readily eat every one he sees. But now his problem is that the drumsticks, along with all his other food has been scattered thru-out the cavern. Techno Dog very quickly realises he must find and eat all of the drumsticks in each cavern before his 'machine' will start up again to take him to another cavern.

Santa has set off on his annual christmas gift delivery run unaware he has started a day early. He was so keen to try out his new turbo boosted sleigh he forgot to check the date. The Elves are frantically trying to 'zap' him back to the North Pole before he has delivered all the presents. They are running behind him removing the presents he has already placed under the waiting christmas trees and sending them back to the North Pole while trying to catch up with Santa. They have managed to send out some giant rolling snowballs and jumping jacks to block his path but Santa keeps finding ways around them. They have also sent out some flashing decorations in an attempt to distract him as well as colourful spinners and spinning rockets along with some other special distractions. all programmed to zap him back to the North Pole if they come in contact with him. Santa has discovered this and is so excited with his new sleigh that as soon as he is zapped back home he jumps back into his sleigh and continues on his merry way. If only Santa would remove his cosy earmuffs he would be able to hear the shouting of his frantic elves and stop long enough to hear what they are trying to tell him. Instead he just thinks they are playing a trick on him just because he has chosen this year to give his beloved reindeer a much earned break and taken his turbo sleigh instead. Poor Santa, imagine his dismay when he returns home and discovers he is going to have to deliver all the presents again the next night. Then again, perhaps he won't be so sad considering how much he's enjoying flying his new sleigh.

Background Info

Bat Outa Hell was my first attempt at creating a module and the idea of having Dracula wandering through hell appealed to me. I tried to make an interesting module with some new ideas incorporated that I hadn't seen tried before. As this is kinda linked to the theme of the Sick Angel's halo's I needed to 'borrow' certain images from Runes Sick Angel module so that the transition to Dracula being in hell would work realistically.  Besides, his fireballs and devils were too good to confine to just one module. I did however make a minor adjustment to the devils in order to make the pitchforks more animated.

After completing Bat Outa Hell I was keen to create a module based on the original 'Jill of the Jungle' game that came out in the early 90's. It was fun making Jill and I did my best to give it a similar look to the original game, although as the number of pixels in Jill is 4 times greater than Jetpack I was unable to make Jill or the jungle in the same fine detail. I've managed to include similar creatures such as the frogs and flying birds as well as the bees and their nests. There were heads in Jill of the Jungle although they never moved so I thought it would be okay to have them here too. It wasn't possible to duplicate all of the terrain so I settled for the light brown with green surface along with the 'white' bricks'. The darker tree trunks were an experiment that I liked so I kept them. I decided to try planks of timber for the burnable dark red bricks as there is something similar in the original Jill game. Although they don't match the tree trunks, I've found that I havent' made any levels where the 2 are combined is a way that detracts from the overall look and I like the idea of having even more contrast withn the game so I've kept them in. Same goes for the darker green bricks that can be opened. I just liked the look they have when closing so they stayed too. The gold bricks didn't seem to 'fit' in a jungle scene so I turned them green.

I experimented for some time with the switches, including burying them in tree trunks and having plants that 'flower' when switched on. It seemed okay but tended to be too much like the flowering plants in Pearl Diver so I went back to the 'Jill' game and noticed images in some scenes that kinda looked like totem images so I set to work designing heads that would take the place of the vertical platforms. Once I had come up with 3 different heads I was happy with I decided to make the switches a smaller version of each head that 'lights up' when switched on.  I had the same problem with the fence. Didn't want a fence so I tried a fallen log. Couldn't seem to get one that looked just right so I started experimenting with making a bush. Its better than the log but I'll probably revamp it a few tmes before 'locking' it down as the final product as the current one tends to make it too hard to see the frogs. Don't get me started on the fungi! They started out as the barrels from Dracula. But nooooooo, can't have the same thing here can I? So I decided to make a tree stump. Fit in well with the dark brown tree branches I thought. So after many hours of editing and re-editing the stump I settled on one that I thought was 'good enough'. Then while playing a game I decided that the stumps were pretty poxy after all and wondered what else I could make instead. Something colourful I thought, something to rival the burning barrels of Dracula or the melting ice in Pearl Diver (by this time I'd already started on Pearl diver and of course I've since replaced Dracula's burning barrels with a shattering white skull and transferred the barrels to Dragon's Lair). Then it hit me. A cluster of strange fungi that individually burst when Jill stabs them with her dagger. There may be something better I could use but I think it adds a nice colourful touch to the predominant green's in Jill's jungle. As for the brown vines in place of red, I found the red just didn't 'feel' right in the jungle scene so I tried brown instead. I wanted the carving to remain red so I made the floor switch a combination of the 2 colours. Its a bit hard to make out but as I think the brown vine looks better its staying.

After Jill I wanted to try something different. The Pearl diver kinda developed itself as I went along. I thought an underwater one was an interesting idea. The heavy burn through walls were meant to be like coral. It didn't look quite right making them irregular while having them 'join' to each other satisfactorily, so I decided instead to set them behind the 'waves' to give them a slightly altered appearance in the game. I did something similar to the 'white' bricks but this time I put the 'waves' behind the bricks. As both of these bricks also have 'see-thru' bricks that creatures and our hero run through, the effect is quite stunning,especially when the crab  runs behind a see-thru white brick    I also wanted a module that would be slightly harder to play than the others. Some of the creatures blend into the background quite well keeping the player on their toes.  I decided to change the vertical platforms as I didn't like the way they looked. I thought something that looked a bit like a mushroom might be okay and although they look drastically different to the horizontal platforms, in actual play vertical platforms are rarely linked to horrizontal ones and I like the way they add a new dimension in the Pearl Diver module. As for the horizontal modules, I decided to make them look more like coral of different colours and shapes.

By this time my young lad Jesse had begun to take an interest in my module creating and wanted to help me with the Pearl Diver so this became a collaborative work that I've really enjoyed doing with him. He designed the crab and the moss covered walls and spent a long time designing the diver and was also instrumental in the creation of many of the objects including the transporters by his wonderful suggestions. He also insisted that I get rid of the silly cannonball jelly I originally made and create a stingray instead. It was not an easy task trying to get a stingray to move up and down properly, but I think I've managed to at least give an impression of a stingray within the confines of the movements I had to work with. Without the inspirational input of Jesse this module would not have been created. Many thanks Jesse.

For mY 4th module I wanted to have a different type of hero and the idea of a dog came to mind. In order to allow a dog to realisticly fly I decided to make him a techno dog. In other words a robotic dog. He's kinda like "Astro Boy" but in dog form. There's not a lot left to say about the making of this module. Its kinda techno and spacie all in one. Once again Jesse helped me with it. He designed the doorway, the ladders and the rocket. He also was very helpful in giving me ideas as to other designs along the way and helped to modify some of the things that didn't quite look right.

I originally had in mind to create for my 5th module the professor from Techno Dog. He was going to be in a wheelchair fitted with booster rockets etc and decide to enter the labrynth looking for his Techno Dog. The problem I found was that to make it realistic enough I would need to basically duplicate most of Techno's modules and it then wouldn't be a completely different module. So instead I reworked the chair and turned it into a hot rod and freed myself up to design entirely new modules. Once I'd decided on this course of action the professor disappeared and was replaced by the boy genius Willy. Hot Rod Harry allowed me to try some really odd looking stuff like the skinny platforms. I'd also seen a module with an invisible door and no other changes and thought it might be fun to have at least one module where you won't know where the door is until after you have collected all the gems. So in keeping with the hot rod theme I thought a chequered flag that rises from the ground for Harry to drive thru would be a great way for him to complete each level.

That brings me to module number 6. Most people will be aware of Rune's Sick Angel Module which has always been an enjoyable module to play. The only thing that bothered me about it is that very few 'new' modules were used in creating it. I wondered how much better it could be if those jetpack modules were changed to make the Angel's environment more unique. Since this was not going to be an original module designed entirely by me I decided to take some of the best modules from other contributors and meld them into one that I would be happy with. Apologies to anyone who is offended by this amalgamation, especially if something you created has been used in this module, but as I've noticed 'borrowing' from others modules is not uncommon in Jetpack I think the end result is well worth the effort it took to create what amounts to an entirely different looking module but still with the wonderful flying angel.

By the time I had finished the fallen angel I wanted a break from designing.  Some time passed before my mind once again turned to thoughts of module design. The Jetpack grip was still strong. I had always thought it would have been nice if the christmas module was just a bit more festive and decided to stop procrastinating and get down to designing once again. I had some ideas about designing the door as the North Pole but couldn't seem to get one I liked so I turned my attention to instead making a sleigh for Santa. There just wasn't enough room to include any reindeer so I settled for a turbo one which starts each level being buried under a drift of snow which melts away once Santa is ready to leave for the next level. I wanted candy canes and xmas decorations and of course those coloured paper chains that we all like making at christmas time and hanging across the room. I decided to put snow on some of the bricks to give it a more festive look as well. The monsters were another aspect i felt could be spruced up or changed. Even since starting this new site I've changed the robots to elves and the silver ball to a snowball. Hopefully I'll find a way to turn the springs into jack-in-the-boxes which are traditional xmas presents. I've already revamped this module several times and there are one or more ideas I still want to try out on it so there may still be some more changes to come. I'm actually very happy with this module and find it by far the most colourful and the easiest to play.

I had some module designs left over after I had re-vamped Techno Dog and Hot Rod Harry I didn't want to just dispose of them so I started thinking about designing yet another level, my eighth. The dragon started off being a worm but I just couldn't do it justice so instead morphed it into a little green dragon. I know some of the modules appear very similar to others I've created but after seven levels my designing talents were waning. I may yet make some alterations to Dragon's Lair as I find it a little harder to play than some of the other modules. Then again I might not. Which way is the wind blowing?

Is there going to be a number nine? Perhaps. My lad Jesse has started working on a module of his own. It is a space module which is tentatively called Space Rider. He has recently become enamoured with xbox and all other interests have taken a distant back seat. Still, hope springs eternal and there are only so many xbox games so perhaps one day Space Rider will come flying along to take his place alongside his contemporaries.
I started writing stories to compliment my modules and went into some detail on the first three I made. As the background is basically the same I stopped by the time I had finished Hot Rod Harry. I put in a short background story to White Christmas as I felt I needed to explain why elves would be chasing Santa and also why there are no reindeer on Santa's sleigh, and yes you will have to get the module and play the game if you want to see the sleigh Anyway the stories are written and if you are interested then you'll find the gripping tales in the right column.