The Modules

Although the modules may seem to just change the look of Jetpack, they in fact do more than that. Some aspects have been designed to make it play slightly differently to the others. Below is listed some of these differences. Besides those listed you will find other aspects that make playing some of the levels a rather unique experience. Pearl diver in particular has some enjoyable surprises to it.

Bat Outa Hell:
Fuel giver is tiny and hence hard to see. You can even miss noticing it!
Devil is hard to spot running thru the red bricks!

Dragons' Lair:
Gems are harder to see than any other module.
Dragon's cave is invisible until all gems are collected.
Fuel drainers are difficult to spot.

Fallen Angel:
Fuel drainers are almost invisible!
Rollover switches are tiny!

 Hot Rod Harry:
The door is invisible until it opens!
Springs only visible behind columns at top and bottom!

Jungle Girl:
Springs only visible behind columns when they hit the floor!

Frog is hard to see when behind bushes!

Pearl Diver:
Direction of Ladders is hard to determine!

Some creatures blend into the background!

Techno Dog:
Haze is invisible until you enter it.

White Christmas:
Elf is hard to spot running thru green bricks and green haze.
Ice is similar to snow and harder to spot!





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Jetpack News

 Hi Jetpack fans. I thought it was time to do an update. It seems Viviti hasn't as yet included the advertising so I'm still enjoying an add free site. Although it appears traffic is flowing to this site, visitors seem reluctant to leave a comment. Its really easy and lets you put forward your two cents worth. I've changed some of the modules since posting and will be updating the pics in the near future. Don't forget you can click on a picture to view a larger image. Have fun browsing and if you want me to send you any of my modules or levels post a comment on here letting me know what you want and I'll send you the file(s) in .zip format. Please be patient though as I don't visit here that often anymore and Viviti doesn't always notify me when a comment is posted.

Cheers for now............
Message for Daniel. I am unable to bring up your email address to send you the files requested. If you email me at I'll forward on those levels. sorry for the delay but once again Viviti didn't notify me of your comment.

To the right is a sample of the modules I've designed for Jetpack. You can see a larger image by clicking on the pics. I find it makes a nice change seeing the game from a different perspective.  I've created this particular screenshot to show every aspect of the game in order to give you a better idea of what each module has to offer.

I've also set up a batch file for playing jetpack so that I can simply press SPACEBAR to bring up the module selection list and choose whichever one I fancy on the day. I've actually got each modules name linked to its corresponding letter so that if for example I want to play the Dragon's Lair module I just press D. After pressing my chosen module the main menu returns to allow me to then choose which collection of levels I want to play.

The beauty of this batch file is that it also allows me to save my game when playing on custom and then return to that same level when I return to that particular set of levels. This applies to each of the 5 sections in the menu. If you're wondering what this menu I keep talking about is like then the screenshot right will give you a bit of an idea. It will work equally well whether you're running it under Dos or Windows or even DosBox. I personally run mine under DosBox as I find it allows me more control options, like a screen capture for taking screenshots. Also it gave me back my soundblaster noises as for some reason when running Jetpack directly from xp some of the sounds disappear.

It goes without saying that I also have a batch file for running DosBox and another menu program called Gaze (screenshot on Help Page) for having all my dos based games loaded onto. Gaze is a really easy program to use and theres more info about it on the Help page.