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 Hi Jetpack fans. I thought it was time to do an update. It seems Viviti hasn't as yet included the advertising so I'm still enjoying an add free site. Although it appears traffic is flowing to this site, visitors seem reluctant to leave a comment. Its really easy and lets you put forward your two cents worth. I've changed some of the modules since posting and will be updating the pics in the near future. Don't forget you can click on a picture to view a larger image. Have fun browsing and if you want me to send you any of my modules or levels post a comment on here letting me know what you want and I'll send you the file(s) in .zip format. Please be patient though as I don't visit here that often anymore and Viviti doesn't always notify me when a comment is posted.

Cheers for now............
Message for Daniel. I am unable to bring up your email address to send you the files requested. If you email me at I'll forward on those levels. sorry for the delay but once again Viviti didn't notify me of your comment.

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Can you please mail me your levels / modules?

Your levels and modules look good! Can I have all of them, including your batch file? Thanks.

Great post with lots of imptorant stuff.

Extra modules were one of the best things about Jetpack. I have just recently gotten back into the game and would appreciate it if you would send me everything. Thank you.

Hey! Nice site! I just re-visited this game, after not playing it for 6-7 years! Your levels look really fun and I was wondering if you could send them to me since I'm all out of downloadable levels :-(... Thanks in advance!

Hey this is good stuff, I especially like the work you've done with the modules.

Could you send me the bunch? Specifically, the bundle of files you said are used for creating modules, and any helps or documentation along with it. 'preciate it!


Hi again Chris - I just wanted to say thanks for sending me your stuff. I'm using your menu with Dosbox and loving it. As for your levels and modules, they are the coolest i've seen yet. You rock man. I hope you keep making more levels, I just luv em...........

Pretty sweet site! I haven't played this game in years?!

Love the new website. Can you send me the lot please.


Just found this site today. I'd like to try your modules and levels. They look pretty kool.